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Tuition and Fees

Fees     Item     Includes  
$300 monthly Tuition  per      Child 
12 hours a week of Core 

Application Fee
Testing and Curriculum

$5 an hour    Elective   Class

up to 9 hours


 Payment Options:

Option 1 – Full Year 9 month Payment Plan

Pay full tuition for the school year Aug. 25th and receive a 10% discount.  

Option 2 Twelve Equal Payments

Spread the tuition over 12 equal monthly payments, starting on June 1st for 12 months. Payment = $200 a month. (Discounted rate for early enrollment)

Option 3- Nine Equal Payments

Spread the yearly tuition over 9 months starting Aug 25th and ending April 25th

We do accept Credit cards for Tuition payments

Students withdrawing from Kimber Academy must give 30 days notice or will be liable for tuition, until notice is given

All Tuition will be starting Aug. 25th 2011. Late fee of $25 dollars will occur on the 5th of the following month and then a $5 a day charge will occur until tuition is received. If payment is not paid by the 20th or arrangements for tuition has been made, your child will not be able to attend the Academy until tuition and late fees have been recovered.